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Our cooperation with:

NCI - Small Business Innovation and Research Program (SBIR)

TwinStrand Biosciences (Seattle, WA, USA), a Spinn-off company from the University of Washington (Seattle, WA, USA) is commercializing DS. Recently, TwinStrand Biosciences together with the University of Washington and the Medical University Vienna (Paul Speiser and Robert Zeillinger) obtained a National Cancer Institute (NCI, USA) grant within the SBIR program. The title of the grant is “Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer Using Uterine Lavage and Duplex Sequencing”. In Phase 1 steps are currently refined in our collection and sequencing procedures in order to facilitate industrial-scale deployment and will formally validate analytical performance. In Phase II two parallel case-control studies including women with average and high risk for ovarian cancer will be performed.

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