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Title: Three Lumen Balloon Catheter Apparatus

Description: Balloon bearing three lumen catheter for dispensing diagnostic fluids into a body cavity and retrieving sample of the diagnostic fluid and a catheter apparatus employing same.

Publication No:

EP20130169644 20130529,

WO2014EP61246 20140530,


WO2014191549 (A1),

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Title: Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnosis

Description: Non-Invasive method for the diagnosis of adenocarcinomas or their precursor lesions in females by analyzing cells and preparing epithelial cells od a sample obtained from a rinse of the uterine cavity and optionally the fallopian tubes, and- performing analysis in said cells to determine an abnormality associated with ovarian or endometrial cancer, the abnormality being indicative of adenocarcinoma or their precursor lesions.

Publication No:

CA 20132863144 20130131,

EP 20120153340 20120131,

WO2013EP51899 20130131

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