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Ovarian Cancer is the deadliest cancer type  for women with a poor cure rate of under 30%. 

Main reason: Ovarian Cancer is mostly diagnosed in a very late stage.

The medical need is to detect precancer - STICS (Serous Tubal IntraepithelialCarcinoma)  and to detect ovarian cancer at an early stage.

That means an improving prognosis of the disease: the 5 year survival rate is raising >80% 

OVARTEC Core Business

Development and promotion of the patented and successfully tested OVARTEC Lavage Concept for early detection and prevention of ovarian  cancer.


Our mission is to prevent or permanently cure ovarian cancer through detection of their prestages or early desease stages where they can still be cured and, thereby, save the lives of billions of women worldwide, today and in the future.


Our longterm goal is to make the OVARTEC Lavage Concept a worldwide standard, the go-to test for high-risk patients and a mandatory yearly test for all women from the age of 30, to safely prevent ovarian and endometrial cancer

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