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The OVARTEC Lavage Concept for the early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer consists of two separate elements, a new type of catheter and a test for abnormalities associated with said types of cancer. In combination they may provide a practical and inexpensive way to eradicate these diseases in the long run.

The Lavage Concept includes:

The Speiser Catheter – Three Lumen Balloon Catheter Apparatus 


US2015/0305725 (granted on 26.6.2018 as US Patent No. 10,004,484)

EP3003449 B1 (granted 7.3.2018)

CA2912147 (pending Canadian application)

The patented catheter for uterine and tubal lavage, the Speiser Catheter, is a new, easy-to-use and inexpensive flexible three-way catheter with a balloon for collecting a lavage sample from the uterine cavity (fig.1), allowing for non-invasive, ambulatory and well-tolerated testing for early and even prestagesof ovarian and endometrial cancer. For research purposes the catheter is approved in the US, EU and Canada. Approval for unlimited commercialisationof the catheter is expected in the first half of 2019.


Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnosis – Patent on Method/System


US 9,493,839 (granted 15.11.2016) 

EP 2809801 (granted). 

CA 2863144 (pending Canadian application)

In addition to the patented catheter, OVARTEC has also developed a patented testing method in which the collected lavage sample is examined. Its goal is to determine an abnormality associated with ovarian or endometrial cancer, and their prestages. Together with TwinStrand Biosciences Inc. (Seattle, WA, USA) OVARTEC has developed the ultrasensitive test “Duplex Sequencing” into a mass screening test perfectly suitable for the detection of the above-mentioned abnormalities. In the future other forms of sample analysis may be possible.

Austrian ORF TV report July 31, 2018

This broadcast aims to create awareness of ovarian cancer.

Title: “Eierstockkrebs, eine Schleichende Gefahr -  Facharzt Paul Speiser zu Gast im Studio”

In the sections 5:40 – 6:30 and from 7:40 onward  the concept of uterine lavage for early detection is discussed:

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